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Strategic Planning

Background:  The Board of Trustees, Superintendent Tanya Krause, and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Michelle Stewart met for two Board Workshop sessions on October 23, 2017 and November 28, 2017 for the purpose of updating the District’s Mission, Vision and Core Value Statements, and the District’s Strategic Plan.  Final Board approval was obtained at the December 12, 2017 meeting.

Goal 1:  To improve achievement and opportunities for all students K-12.


2017-18 Tasks

Metrics - Measurement

2018-19 Tasks

2019-20 Tasks

1.  SVUSD will fully implement Common Core State Standards and provide differentiated training to support academic standards.

1. Provide professional development to support the use of academic standards, instructional technology and support for teachers.

1. All teachers (100%) are offered Professional Development in training that implement standards and apply strategies (Professional Development surveys are given which assess teacher satisfaction and query on future needs for each professional development opportunity.)



2.  SVUSD will provide comprehensive programs to improve student performance and address the needs of all students.

1. Continue providing quality program for English Learners, including EL (English Learners) teachers at all sites.



2. Use student data to inform teaching and appropriate student services and placement.














3. Continue to implement enrichment, tutorial and intervention programs at all sites. Provide summer support for students falling behind. Add one section for an Academic Seminar at the High School.

1. English learners will demonstrate at least one year of progress annually toward English fluency.




2a. The percentage of students meeting English Language Arts (ELA) and Math proficiency on the CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) tests will meet the following growth targets: All: +3% above baseline.  SED (Economically Disadvantaged) : +5% EL (English Learners) +7% (2 students) SPED (Special Education): +3%

2b. Teachers and administrators use report card and local test measures to assure student success.

2c. Participate in the course approval process for honors English classes to provide more access to students


3. Improved student access, grades and support.


3. Students will be college and career ready.

1. Support ROP (Regional Occupational Program) transition and S4C (Santa Cruz County College Commitment) and CTE (Career Technical Education) Pathways.


2. Investigate programs to support course access, such as ways to increase and support VAPA (Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts)


3.At the high school, provide credit recovery, investigate Alternative Education, summer school support




4. Focus on technology implementation and integration





5. Outreach to Silicon Valley and our community for technology training/partnership for teachers

1. New CTE pathways: Media Arts and Design and Computer Engineering.






2.District Arts Task Force with increased art opportunities





3. The percentage of students in Grade 11 who demonstrate college preparedness in English Language Arts and Mathematics will increase 3%.

Initial implementation of an Alternative Education program by Fall 2018. 


4. All teachers (100%) will self-report increased proficiency in technology as reported in the technology survey.  Students will be surveyed on their use of technology to establish a baseline.


5.  Increased teacher support and proficiency

1.Continued CTE pathways






2. Increased Art across the district





3. Continue with College Readiness.  Alt Ed program at the high school, summer school. Explore online Charter School



4. SVUSD will provide a safe and engaging environment for students.

1.Focus on climate and culture through PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) and support counseling





2.Enhance site safety processes, including threat assessment, inquiry, and support for marginalized groups


3.Continue to engage parents and find ways to actively communicate with stakeholders and parent and community groups that participate in various program planning



4. Focus on absenteeism, truancy and follow up. Use Illuminate system for common letters and reports.

1. Increased PBIS and counseling opportunities. Increase school connectedness response on the CHKS (California Healthy Kids Survey) and the Gallup Poll.




2. Site Safety plans and Threat Assessment Protocol.




3a. Increase Parent Survey return rate by 5%. 

3b.Look into consolidated programs that enhance communication across the district.

3c.Members are represented in various committees throughout the district.


4.Increased ADA

Goal 2: Fiscal Stewardship: Promote and maintain fiscal stability in the District


2017-18 Tasks

Metrics - Measurement

2018-19 Tasks

2019-20 Tasks

1. Maximize revenues to support comprehensive educational opportunities

1.Parcel tax - 2018




2. Work collaboratively with fundraising groups




3. Explore PV (photovoltaic) system for selling power into the grid (Solar).  Engage MBCP to assess possible grant schedule and amount.

1.Successful outcome of Parcel Tax



2. Provide education and a greater understanding on how SVUSD receives State and Federal Funding



3. Explore systems and timing and requirement for solar implementation





2. Work collaboratively with fundraising groups





3. Engage MBCP in priority setting for PV grant funds





2. Work collaboratively with fundraising groups




3. Explore contracts for construction

2. Increase enrollment

1. Proactive outreach to Baymonte families and those families identified as potentially moving to private schools or other districts


2.Analyze enrollment trends and reasons for entering/leaving the district

1.Increased annual enrollment





2.Put system in place to be able to obtain data for analysis


3. Optimize use of resources and mitigate risk with an adequate fiscal reserve

1.Work with Sacramento and other districts for adequate funding to identify and reduce unfunded mandates





2.Work with Federal, State and Local agencies to improve base funding and reduce unfunded mandates


3. Work with COE to reduce district costs within the SELPA.

1. Documented resistance to reduce unfunded mandates







2.District Leadership and Board Members will have met with or contacted appropriate representatives and actively engage decision-makers

Work with Sacramento and other districts for adequate funding reducing unfunded mandates

Work with Sacramento and other districts for adequate funding reducing unfunded mandates

Goal 3:  Facilities:  To provide optimal learning and work environments


2017-2018 Tasks

Metric - Measurement

2018-19 Tasks

2019-20 Tasks

1. To provide safe and well maintained facilities

1. Complete facilities master plan for the middle school




2. Perform desired upgrades at the school sites.

1.Successful progress towards the completion of the SVMS construction project


2a. Shade structures at elementary schools and portable relocation


2b. Annual review of accomplishments

1. Successful completion of the SVMS construction project.



2. Identify needs and associated costs at elementary sites and high school -  develop a needs list and phased approach to address

1. Begin implementing phased approach of identified needs

2. Improve facility efficiency and aesthetics

1. Identify aesthetic improvement projects within capabilities of student and community groups to fund and implement site improvements.

Work with site admin and staff to encourage students to beautify the campus.


2. Work with stadium committee on fundraising to build athletic facilities.

1.Improved campus beautification








2.Forward progress with plan and timeline

1. Leverage new SV Community Theater




1. Establish long-term vision for community - accessible theater for SVMS/SVHS

Goal 4: Human Resources: Attract, develop, and retain qualified employees


2017-18 Tasks

Metric - Measurement

2018-19 Tasks

2019-20 Tasks

1. Competitive employee recruitment and retention

1. Research competitive total compensation for all employees with like districts. 




2. Develop or partner with programs that provide financial support for K-12 educators for affordable housing/assistance in Santa Cruz County


3. Provide support for new teachers

1. Compile comparative data for salary, benefits, and total compensation for all districts in Santa Cruz County



2.Confirm a program that provides financial housing support for our employees





3. New Teacher Project and quarterly check-ins with all new teachers

1. Partner with City, County and other districts towards providing affordable housing options for employees. Also pursue ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) options

Goal 5: Public Relations: Build relationships, provide regular communications, and create opportunities for community engagement


2017-18 Tasks

Metric - Measurement

2018-19 Tasks

2019-20 Tasks

1. Maintain a positive reputation with the community

1. Establish key communications program to include regular written communications by sites and district


2.LCAP engagement process


3.Periodic press releases regarding good new stories and student successes

1. School Snippets, Increased  Facebook updates, Implementation of Parent Square, improved websites


2.California Dashboard


3. Press releases completed on noteworthy information and events

Partner with Press Banner and other organizations  for regular column about SVUSD (LCAP, budget, Needs, Facilities, Opportunities)



Self-assessment of cost benefit to existing communication programs

2. Provide avenues for engagement with families and the community at large

Work collaboratively with fundraising groups





Provide education and a greater understanding on how SVUSD receives State and Federal Funding


Educate parents regarding revenue limit district funding specifically related to ADA

Superintendent, or Designee, along with Trustee(s), participate in community small group forums to build strong community relationships


3. Maintain collaborative and mutually supportive relationships with other local government agencies, state and federal representatives, and community groups

Regular leadership team and Board Member participation at community events and meetings

Attendance and participation