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Independent Study

I.   Long-term Independent Study is offered for students K-8

K-8 Long-Term Independent Study Request Form

K-8 Long-Term Independent Study Master Agreement 


II.  Part time Independent Study classes are offered at the High School in History and English.  (Contact your school counselor for more information.)


IIIShort-term Independent Study may be made available when students are not able to participate in site-based instruction at least five or more consecutive days during the school year, and no more than ten. Short- term Independent Study ensures that a student is able to maintain academic progress in his/her regular classes. (AR6158)

Additionally, students who successfully participate in Independent Study will not be marked as absent, allowing the district to collect ADA (Average Daily Attendance) and receive funding.

Short-term Independent Study is not intended to be used for vacations, but only for instances in which the reason for the absence cannot be undertaken outside the regular school year.  Administration reserves the right to require documentation of the need to use short-term independent study.  Except in the case of emergency, parents/guardians must submit this Short-term Independent Study Application to the school principal at least two weeks prior to the date of the first absence.  

Applications shall be approved only upon determination that:

  1. The student is prepared to meet the district’s requirements for independent study,
  2. The student is likely to succeed in independent study as well as or better than he/she would in the regular  classroom, and
  3. All assigned work will be turned in on the first day of the student’s return to school.