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Pupil Services Programs/Directory

Pupil Services administers a number of programs designed to assist students, families, and staff.

Click specific program titles below to access more information on each.


Director of Student Support Services              

Sharlene Ames

(831) 438-1820 ext. 103

District Nurse

Lisa Tripp, BSN, RN, PHN, CSN                          

(831) 423-2454

Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Martinez

(831) 438-1820 ext. 102


Lauren Wahl, RN


Kathy Hundemer, RN    


Jane Arcangeli, RN

Student Services Program Specialist     

Magdalena Macias

(831) 438-1820 ext. 118

Behavior Support Aide

Leslie Gerlack


District Psychologists:

Cardiff Hamilton


Erick Berglund