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svusd now accepts paypal!


SVUSD Paypal

Scotts Valley Unified School District now accepts Paypal! Easily donate to the district through our secure Paypal portal here.


Please be sure to specify:

  • Who the donation is for (student, school site and/or teacher/principal).
  • What the donation is for using the "Donate to" drop down menu and specifying which event, sport, team or club this donation pertains to.

Donations can be accepted for the following:


  1. Elected Absence Fund ($50/day)
  2. Teacher Contributions
  3. Principal Contributions
  4. Facility Use Fees
  5. Sports
  6. Library Lost Books
  7. Parking Citations
  8. Field Trips
  9. Transcripts
  10. Yearbook
  11. Medical/Dental/Vision Premiums (Retirees only)
  12. All Other donations