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Help Desk

SVUSD Staff & Student 

IT will be providing tech support for all of SVUSD Staff and Students who may need help with areas such as logging in, accessing resources, or with online communication.  Visit the district’s Help Desk page for resources and  weekly drop in support hours.  In addition, our District’s SVUSD Website has a live online Chat with an SVUSD Tech. 

IT Team

The district IT team provides services and support to our award winning schools.  The team strives to meet the needs of our high-performance schools today and prepare for educational needs of tomorrow.

IT Annual Board Report 2019-2020

Remote Learning Support

IT will be providing tech support for all of SVUSD Staff and Students for Remote Learning.

students & staff Appointments

Please fill out the Appointment Request Form.  Appointments in person are at the district office located at 4444 Scotts Valley Dr. 

Remote Technology Support

Help Desk Hours will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  IT may request remote access to your device.  The remote control will need your permission.

To get Help click on the lower right Chat Icon located on this page or email

Home Internet Issues

SVUSD Help Desk

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Getting Help

  1. Visit the SVUSD Help Center above.
  2. Ask a PowerUser. Power Users are teachers who have agreed to help other teachers and academic staff with basic technology issues.
  3. Call or email the helpdesk. Maybe we can walk you through.
  4. Submit a School Dude ticket. A SchoolDude ticket is required for an issue that requires a technician to visit your location or take your equipment for repair.

To submit a SchoolDude ticket:

SchoolDude Request               Password: safeschools