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County Wide Resources


Scotts Valley Unified School District provides District-wide leadership and a supportive culture to emphasize the importance of providing equal access to school for homeless children and youths. Continuity at the school of origin is valued and barriers are removed to enroll homeless children and youth. We ensure that homeless children and youth have equal access to all programs and services of the district.


The goal is to have every homeless child in school every school day.


A homeless child needs to be enrolled immediately. Parents/Guardians do not need to provide birth certificates, social security numbers, or immunization records at the time of enrollment.


The District Director serves as the Homeless Liaison. Our Homeless Liaison works closely with Santa Cruz County Office of Education to support homeless children and youth.


Scotts Valley Unified School District is committed to serving foster youth in the best manner possible and therefore is following the recommendation of Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program through the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.