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School Snippets

Vine Hill Bear Logo

VH Bear Byte:

The Vine Hill Read-a-thon was a great success which ended with a school-wide pajama reading day! Thank you to all our visiting community readers during the Read-a-thon. Students enjoyed local adults sharing their favorite books. The Vine Hill 5th graders are gearing up for Science Camp in April, and had their DARE graduation to celebrate the completion of lessons about decision making and drug/alcohol avoidance.  Enrollment for 2019.2020 is in full swing. Please contact Maria at 831.438.1090 with questions about enrollment.

Brook Knoll eagle logo
From the Eagle’s Roost:

DARE Graduation was March 26.   The students did an excellent job on their DARE Essays and the event was well attended.  Thank you to SVPD for supporting our students, and a special thanks to Officer Burley for teaching the DARE Program.

Math Attack continues to supply students in need of a challenge!  This free math enrichment class is offered on Wednesdays, after school, per grade level. 

Outdoor Education for the 5th Graders, better known as Science Camp, will be occurring during the week of April 15th.  This year Vine Hill and Brook Knoll are going together!

BK’s students, from grades 3rd to 5th, are working diligently to prepare for the upcoming CAASPP test by participating in the practice tests.

April 12th is Career Day!  Thank you to Lindsey Rice for organizing this special event, again.  A wide variety of community members and parents will be joining us to share with the students a description of what they do for a career and how that career was made possible through education.

 SVMS dolphin logo

The Dolphin’s Dish:

Vote for Aristeo Flores!  Our wonderful, hard-working custodian, Aristeo Flores is a Top Ten Finalist in the Cintas Custodian of the Year Contest.  Help us help him win!  Vote as often as you can!!!

Spring Sports are in Full Swing! We are looking forward to a great Spring sports season.  With golf, girls’ softball, boys’ volleyball and our huge track and field team, our students will be busy.  Thank you to our coaches and Athletic Director, Alma Black for all your hard work to support our school and athletes.  Follow our schedules and scores on the website, under the Athletics tab.

Color Run Fun Begins! Students and our super volunteers are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Color Run on Friday, April 26.  This PTA fundraiser will support the purchase of new athletic equipment to go in our new gym!  Students will enjoy this fun run, with splashes of color!  Please support our students and PTA.

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From the Falcon’s Nest:

Scotts Valley High School completed its WASC Self-Study.  In the first week of March the Western Association of Schools and Colleges sent a 4 person team to SVHS to review the school from the top to bottom.  The team read SVHS's self-study report and spent 4 days on the campus to validate the school's findings.  They interviewed parents, students, district and site staff and observed all of the classes in action.  On the final day of their visit the WASC team reported back.  SVHS was commended for the strength of our academic program, the safety of our campus in both physical and social terms, and the successful incorporation of RIC, Respect, Integrity, and Compassion, into our school culture.  We are always striving to improve, but it's important to step back and recognize what we are already doing so well.