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Assessment and Accountability

There are numerous ways that students are assessed in Common Core.  Teachers use formative assessments that help to guide instruction.  Trimester and semester report card data is based on summative assessments and district benchmarks.  SVUSD participates in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), a state led research group creating Common Core aligned assessments.  Tests will be online and adaptive.


You can find more information at  http://www.smarterbalanced.org/.

SVUSD Students Performed Well Again on the Smarter Balanced Assessments!


SVUSD results:



English Language Arts


Brook Knoll



Vine Hill   










         Every spring, students in grades three through eight, and grade eleven, take the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for ELA (English Language Arts) and mathematics. Results from these assessments are just one piece of information to help teachers, parents/guardians, and students understand how well a student is meeting grade-level standards.

Results of the scores are used in conjunction with other indicators of student learning to help identify students who may need additional help, identify strengths and weaknesses in programs, and ascertain gaps in curriculum and instruction. Student achievement scores are communicated to students, parents and guardians, and the community through board meetings, SVUSD website, and the LCAP process.

            * Scores in both ELA and Math are substantially higher than the state and county.

            * SVUSD improved slightly in ELA and basically stayed the same in Math.  This year we have a new Math adoption that will                        be used to address target areas.

            * Students who were deemed “College Ready” and “Conditionally Ready” (determined through the Early Assessment                                  Program or EAP) increased in ELA by 5%.  In contrast, there was a decrease in math by 6%.


To search Smarter Balanced Test results by School, District, County and State Scores, go here.


CST results:


          On September 4, 2013, the State Board of Education adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve as required by California Education Code Section 60605.85. During the transition to new science assessments, the CST (California Standards Test) was administered in grades 5, 8, and 10. 


SVUSD results:


Site/Grade level


Brook Knoll, 5th grade


Vine Hill, 5th grade


SVMS, 8th grade


SVHS, 10th grade





Parent Handout for Elementary Report Card

Vine Hill and Brook Knoll Elementary Schools use a Common Core Standards based report card through Illuminate Data and Assessment.  For more information:  Parent Handout for Elementary Report Card