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Article 9


0. Role of the Board 9000 BB
  A. Governance Standards 9005 BB
  B. Public Statements 9010 BB
    1. Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information 9011 BB
    2. Board Members Electronic Communications 9012 BB
1. Organization 9100 BB
  A. Terms of Office 9110 BB
  B. Officers and Auxiliary Personnel 9120 NA
    1. President 9121 BB
    2. Secretary 9122 BB
    3. Clerk 9123 BB
    4. Attorney 9124 BB
  C. Board Committees 9130 BB
  D. Board Representatives 9140 BB
  E. Student Board Members 9150 BB
2. Limits of Board Member Authority 9200 BB
  A. Qualifications 9210 NA
  B. Board of Trustees Elections 9220 BB
    1. Recruiting New Board Members 9221 NA
    2. Resignation 9222 BB
    3. Filling Vacancies 9223 BB
    4. Oath or Affirmation 9224 BB
  C. Orientation 9230 BB
  D. Board Development 9240 BB
  E. Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits 9250 BB
  F. Legal Protection 9260 BB
  G. Conflict of Interest 9270 BB
3. Board Operations 9300 NA
  A. Board Policies 9310 BB
  B. Meetings and Notices 9320 BB
    1. Closed Session Purposes and Agendas 9321 BB
      a. Closed Session Actions and Reports 9321.1 BB
    2. Agenda/Meeting Materials 9322 BB
    3. Meeting Conducts 9323 BB
      a. Order of Business 9323.1 NA
      b. Actions by the Board 9323.2 BB
    4. Minutes and Recordings 9324 BB
  C. Membership in Associations 9330 NA
4. Board Self-Evaluation 9400 BB