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Article 3

0. Concepts and Roles 3000 BP  
  A. Goals and Objectives 3010 NA  
1. Budget 3100 BP AR
  A. Fund Balance 3101 BP  
  B. Transfer of Funds 3110 BP  
  C. Deferred Maintenance Funds 3111 BP  
2. Income 3200 NA  
  A. Local Funds 3210 NA  
  B. State Funds 3220 NA  
    1. Lottery Funds 3220.1 NA  
    2. Instructional Improvement Funds 3220.2 NA  
  C. Federal Funds 3230 NA  
  D. Tuition Fees 3240 NA  
  E. Transportation Fees 3250 NA  
  F. Fees and Charges 3260 BP AR
    1. Rental of District Personal Property 3261 NA  
  G. Sales and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies 3270 BP AR
  H. Sale, Lease, Rental of District-Owned Real Property 3280 BP AR
  I. Gifts, Grants and Bequests 3290 BP  
3. Expenditures and Purchasing 3300 BP  
  A. Purchasing 3310 NA  
    1. Bids 3311 BP AR
    2. Contracts 3312 BP  
      a. State Contract/Cooperative Purchasing 3312.1 NA  
      b. Educational Travel Program Contracts 3312.2 BP AR
    3. Leases and Agreements 3313 NA  
    4. Payment for Goods and Services 3314 BP AR
      a. Prepayment Fund 3314.1 NA  
      b. Revolving Funds 3314.2 BP  
    5. Relations with Vendors 3315 NA  
      a. Minority and Women's Businesses 3315.1 NA  
  B. Claims and Actions Against the District 3320 BP AR
  C. Rental/Long-Term Leasing 3340 NA  
    1. Purchase, Lease, Rental of Neighboring District-Owned Property 3341 NA  
  D. Travel Expenses 3350 BP  
4. Management of District Assets/Accounts 3400 BP AR
  A. Depository 3410 NA  
  B. Borrowing 3420 NA  
  C. Investing 3430 BP AR
  D. Inventories 3440   AR
  E. Money in School Buildings 3450 NA  
    1. Petty Cash Funds 3451   AR
    2. Student Activity Funds 3452 BP AR
  F. Financial Reports and Accountability 3460 BP AR
5. Noninstructional Operations 3500 NA  
  A. Operation and Maintenance of Plant 3510 NA  
    1. Energy and Water Conservation 3511 NA  
      a. Integrated Waste Management 3511.1 NA  
    2. Equipment 3512   AR
    3. Buildings and Grounds 3513 NA  
      a. Cellular Phone Reimbursement 3513.1   AR
      b. Parking 3513.2 NA  
      c. Tobacco-Free Schools 3513.3 BP AR
    4. Environmental Safety 3514 BP AR
      a. Hazardous Substances 3514.1 BP AR
      b. Integrated Pest Management 3514.2   AR
    5. Campus Security 3515 BP AR
      a. Crime Data Reporting 3515.1 NA  
      b. Disruptions 3515.2 BP AR
      c. District Police/Security Department 3515.3 NA  
      d. Recovery for Property Loss or Damage 3515.4 BP AR
      e. Sex Offender Notification 3515.5 NA  
      f. Criminal Background Check for Contractors 3515.6   AR
    6. Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan 3516 BP AR
      a. Fire Drills and Fires 3516.1   AR
      b. Bomb Threats 3516.2   AR
      c. Earthquake Emergency Procedure System 3516.3   AR
      d. Air Pollution Episodes 3516.4 NA  
      e. Emergency Schedules 3516.5 BP  
    7. Facilities Inspection 3517 BP  
  B. Office Services 3520 NA  
    1. Data Processing/Word Processing 3521 NA  
    2. Mail and Delivery 3522 NA  
  C. Risk Management/Insurance 3530 BP AR
  D. Transportation 3540 NA  
    1. Transportation Routes and Services 3541 NA  
      a. Transportation for School-Related Trips (see Documents and Forms for Driver Certificate and Rules) 3541.1   AR
      b. Transportation for Students with Disabilities 3541.2 BP  
      c. Nonpublic School Students 3514.3 NA  
    2. School Bus Drivers 3542   AR
    3. Transportation Safety and Emergencies 3543   AR
    4. Equipment 3544 NA  
      a. District-Owned 3544.1 NA  
      b. Privately Owned 3544.2 NA  
  E. Food Service/Child Nutrition Program 3550 BP AR
    1. Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Funds 3551 BP AR
    2. [Future Topic] 3552 NA  
    3. Free and Reduced Price Meals 3553 BP AR
    4. Other Food Sales 3554 BP AR
    5. Nutrition Program Compliance 3555 BP  
  F. Debt Service 3560 NA  
  G. Capital Outlay 3570 NA  
  H. District Records 3580 BP AR
6. Consultants 3600 BP