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Article 1


0. Concepts and Roles 1000 BP  
  A. Goals and Objectives 1010 NA  
  B. Youth Services 1020 BP  
1. Communication with the Public 1100 BP  
  A. Media 1110 NA  
    1. School-Sponsored Publications 1111 NA  
    2. Media Relations 1112 BP  
    3. District and School Web Sites 1113 BP AR
    4. District-Sponsored Social Media 1114 BP AR
  B. Commendations and Awards 1150 BP AR
  C. Political Processes 1160 BP  
2. Participation by the Public 1200 NA  
  A. School Community Associations 1210 NA  
  B. Citizen Advisory Committees 1220 BP AR
  C. School-Connected Organizations 1230 BP AR
  D. Volunteer Assistance 1240 BP AR
  E. Visitors/Outsiders 1250 BP AR
  F. Educational Foundation 1260 BP  
3. Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities 1300 NA  
  A. Relations between Public and the Schools 1310 NA  
    1. Complaints Concerning the Schools 1312 NA  
      a. Complaints Concerning District Employees 1312.1 BP AR
      b. Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials 1312.2 BP AR
      c. Uniform Complaint Procedures 1312.3 BP AR
      d. Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures 1312.4   AR
      e.  Williams Uniform Complaint Exhibit 1312.4 E  
    2. Civility Policy 1313 BP  
    3. Learning Environment Disruptions 1314 NA  
  B. Relations between Public and Students 1320 NA  
    1. Solicitation of Funds from and by Students 1321 BP AR
    2. Public Performances by Students 1322 BP  
    3. Contests for Students 1323 BP  
    4. Advertising and Promotion 1325 BP  
  C. Use of School Facilities 1330 BP AR
  D. Access to District Records 1340 BP AR
    1. Reports, Surveys, Requests for Information 1340.1 BP  
    2. School Personnel Directory 1340.2 BP  
4. Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the School 1400 BP  
  A. Local Agencies 1410 NA  
  B. State Agencies 1430 NA  
    1. Waivers 1431 BP  
  C. Federal Agencies 1440 NA  
5. Relations Between Area, County, State, Regional and National Association and the Schools 1500 NA  
6. Relations Between Other Education Organizations and the Schools 1600 NA  
  A. Colleges and Universities 1610 NA  
  B. Elementary and Secondary Schools 1620 NA  
    1. Home-Based Schooling 1621 NA  
7. Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools 1700 BP